Graphic novel review: Wildstorm's A God Somewhere

As I left my mother’s womb in December  of '84, I’m fairly certain I was only crying because I’d missed so many issues of Uncanny X-Men.

I am a comic fan.

And while most of you out there may not treat every Wednesday like a mini-holiday (it’s new comic day), it’s safe to say that anyone reading this has been exposed to radiation (be it cosmic, gamma or Joan Rivers-related) — or that they've experienced a good ol’ fashioned cape ‘n cowl brawl (possibly Joan Rivers-related.) At least via Hollywood.

Still, it doesn’t matter how many people loved Kick AssThe Dark Knight or Iron Man 2. Very few movie-goers will google comic shops in their area just because they liked (for some reason) Christian Bale’s Batman or Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for two hours of your time and $9.50+?

The answer is obvious: A God Somewhere, Wildstorm’s new graphic novel written by The Mask co-creator John Arcudi and illustrated by Starman’s Peter Snejbjerg. At 200 pages, it’s a story of friendship and godhood found, lost, found, lost — and found again.

The story follows four characters: brothers Eric and Hugh, his wife Alma and their best friend Sam. After a cleverly subtle foreshadowing of events, Eric is given god-like superpowers courtesy of a meteor that crashes into his apartment building. In true superhero fashion, Eric is unscathed – and uses his newfound power to rescue other survivors. Naked. (Because who keeps spandex in their closet?)