Book review: 'The Swinger Manual'

Newbie swingers and seasoned swingers will find the book The Swinger Manual by Just Ask Julie a line by line instruction guide to the swinger lifestyle.

Just Ask Julie begins her story with a few definitions of swinger terms to make newbies understand exactly what is meant by the terms. What exactly is swinging? "A broad definition of swinging is consensual recreational sex with others". Just Ask Julie continues with anecdotes from fellow swingers identified by their swinger names. VegasLee, Happy People, and Pervgeeks are a few of the interesting couples contributing to this book adding a second, third, and even fourth perspective on common questions.

Just Ask Julie has thoughtfully described the most frequent questions for those considering experimentation of the lifestyle. From how to get started to dealing with issues that may come up from time to time, Julie has covered all bases. "What if I get a disease?" A common concern among swingers and singles a like. Julie compares the risk of getting an STD with your parachute not opening while skydiving.  While this is an obscure comparision, it speaks to the validity of the issue.  There are inherent risks with everything we do in life.  This is another risk that must be addressed when swinging....or skydiving.

One couple, Daisy_girl, admitted to being swinger virgins while being "mentored" by a soft swap couple.   Another couple, Wewannabebad2, took the plunge into swinging with a fellow vanilla couple. Julie presents scenario after scenario about how couples have come to be swingers.  The book plainly states everyone has a story and every story is different.

As the instruction continues so does the short stories of swingers.  The personal touch of other swingers adds to the realness of the swinging lifestyle. Just Ask Julie covers all areas of swinging such as etiquette of swinging, how to deal with rejection,  when to say no, and when to call it quits.

If you are thinking about the swinging lifestyle or have been swinging for years, you will find The Swinger Manual informative, funny, and difficult to put down.

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