Sh*t happened 7/6/15: Police body cams, America's oldest bald eagle dies, more rebel flag stuff

"Me?" He passed her the joint, and pushed the blanket down past the staircase of his ribs. "I remember pouring out a bottle of water somebody left in our freezer at a party, this was '14, '15. It was sitting in the sink to thaw, and I just poured the water out and threw the bottle away, I didn't even think about it."

She pulled on the joint, and handed it back. He watched the paper turn black. "I didn't think about it at all. I think about it a lot now; I think about it all the time."

She tightened herself against him, and asked him who he thought was to blame.

"I dunno. The men who wrote up the bible, I guess. But that's old, it's meaningless." He toked. "I guess I blame Ted Cruz."


A new Florida law aimed at providing clarity regarding police body-cam videos just sort of makes things more murky. As if it matters. Keep filming, people, always.


The oldest tagged bald eagle in the country died after being hit by a car. I honestly can't think of anything more American.

A bunch of folks who don't mind being called bigots rallied around that big ol' Confederate flag that's flown next to I-75 in Tampa and pissed off non-bigoted commuters since 2008. They probably said something about heritage, and believe it, too.

A Seminole woman who was observed driving her SUV through a building while intoxicated turned out to be the person who lived there. So it's cool then, right? She's got this!


The Lightning signed Jeff Tambellini. I don't know what that means.

And finally, Texan Tommie Woodward reportedly said "fuck that alligator" before jumping into a body of water ringed by alligator warning signs, and being subsequently killed by an alligator. With all due respect to his family and friends, Tommie Woodward was a fuckin' moron. You don't have to pretend to respect the memory of the guy who jumped into the alligator-infested waters after saying "fuck that alligator."

Photo of alligator by Yareite via wikimedia commons.