Project Runway podcast ep.4: Will whore-it up for Campbell's Soup?

This was hands down, the most tearjerkery Project Runway episode since... well, I don't think they have ever worked with people who have pacemakers before, so, ever, I guess. The designers are going red to raise awareness for the American Heart Association, designing dresses for real women who have been affected by heart disease, for a gala during fashion week. Of course, Campbell's Soup was involved, because we all know nothing says "healthy heart" like chicken noodle soup, right? Or maybe just wasn't paying the bills this week, either way, Campbell's Soup was there with patterned fabric to really class up these dresses (insert sarcastic eyeroll here).

Luckily, this challenge was just heart-wrenching enough to get in three cries within the first eight minutes, which might be a record, I am not sure because I am not a total Runway scholar...yet. Anywho, the workroom was mostly filled with bitchy designers whining about how the models were, ya know, normal sized and not suffering from anorexia* and stuff. It's as if they have NEVER seen a woman above a size two. Geez!! We also got our first big-time healthy dose of shite-talking from the confessionals as Emilio ripped apart, like everyone and also gave us the quote of the week in reference to Mila's dress: "cheap flag at the Thanksgiving day parade." Amen, Emilio, you tell it like it is aaaaaand I like it. Sidenote: Does anyone miss Ping? Cuz I don't.

After the jump, check out the winner, who got auf'ed, the cry count and the podcast where we chat about soup, chin piercings, designing for strippers and more.