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Aspiring director

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Seth Federman

For a 19-year-old Florida State University student who has never been a parent, Seth Federman is surprisingly confident when directing the 43 children (ages 4-18) acting in his production of Seussical the Musical! at Temple Terrace's Masque Community Theater. This is the first time Federman has directed, and he's worked nearly seven days a week since May putting this Dr. Seuss-themed show together. (Seussical! runs Aug. 3-12). Here's the New Tampa resident on:

The language of Seuss:

"I'm definitely a Dr. Seuss fan. Because I know Seussian rhymes, I've come to understand really convoluted lyrics, because I was trained on them. ... [The kids] don't know it yet, but it's going to help them when they get [the songs of someone like Leonard Bernstein.]"

Working with kids:

"You have to be a lot more patient. You have to describe everything in detail. It's kind of like learning how to be a parent. I've adopted 43 kids, and I'm a proud papa. ... I'm much like a teenage version of Mary Poppins. I never blow up at them, but I am stern and I have fun."

Why theater is more relevant than film:

"Movies are blocked off by the screen, but in theater we can jump out on stage, and you can feel the emotions."

His next directing project:

"The Laramie Project [the story of the murder of young gay Wyoming man Matthew Shepard]. It really tries to examine where does hate originate. Does it originate in the person, or does it originate from your [environment?]"

His future goals:

"I would love to go to London because, unlike the States, they are a bit more open to art. ... I have to admit I [also] want to make the trifecta awards — an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony."