Ask Dream Momma: the appearance of dog poop

Dear Dream Momma, Last night I dreamed my dog pooped all over the house. When I went to find him to see what was wrong I couldn’t. I’m really worried about him because he’s over 14 and in pain. Right now he’s on pain pills and I’m taking him to an acupuncturist. What do you think the dream means?”

First, Dream Momma has a dog buddy named Miss Nena so I want to share my empathy for you and your companion.

Now, on to the dream. There are many kinds of dreams and one of them is prophetic so let’s imagine that in your dream you are envisioning the day when your dog gets so ill that he loses bowel control and does in fact poop all over the house (and experience all that shame).

On the other hand, if we take this dream symbolically as Dream Momma is wont to do she suggests that your dog, via his symbolic evacuation and disappearance in the dream, does want to evacuate or leave his life of pain.

Gestalt has an interesting method that might be helpful for you since you are bordering on the heroic in dealing with your dog. Dream Momma suggest you be your dog. Yes, actually be your dog. Get down on the floor and bark if you have to. See his world through his eyes. Imagine seeing you, his mistress, and the energy you emit around you (the dog) How do you experience you? Anxious, worried, unhappy?  What would you the dog want your mistress to do?

Now dear dreamer, having pondered those three scenarios what do you think the dream means? Dream Momma thinks it is a call to action and your task now is to understand, given those three choices (or not) what the dream wants you to do.

Dream Momma

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