Florida Republicans slam Barton, but will they be in trouble with the GOP?

By now everybody's heard of Texas Republican Representative Joe Barton's apology to BP CEO Tony Hayward for the $20 billion escrow account the company will pay into in order to cover damages from the disaster.  Barton called the account a "tragedy," a "shakedown" and a "slush fund."

Several Florida Republicans came down hard on Barton, not to mention virtually every Democrat and much of the mainstream media.  By the end of the day, Barton came up with a half-assed mealy mouthed "apology" that was obviously done only because he was told to House GOP leadership.

Pensacola Congressman Jeff Miller was one of the first Republicans out of the box to slam Barton, saying,

"I condemn Mr. Barton's statement. Mr. Barton's remarks are out of touch with this tragedy and I feel his comments call into question his judgment and ability to serve in a leadership on the Energy and Commerce Committee. He should step down as Ranking Member of the Committee."

Polk County's Adam Putnam followed suit.

“To say they were ill advised is an insult to advice,” added Mr. Putnam, who is running for state agriculture commissioner this year. “He owes the people of the Gulf Coast an apology, not the C.E.O. of the company who may have cut corners to produce this horrific national tragedy.”