Battle of the summer blockbuster movies

The summer movie season is already in full swing, with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek racking up huge grosses. Still, the box office of those films pales in comparison to that of the biggest blockbusters of them all. But it's not all about the Benjamins, right? Some of the most financially successful films in history also happen to be some of Hollywood's most beloved.

Over on the Daily Loaf blog, we're spending the next few weeks separating the great movies that were also huge hits (Forrest Gump) from the huge hits that aren't particularly good movies (Armageddon). I've selected 32 films that each finished at the top of the summer box office from the years 1975 to 2008, ranked them and seeded them NCAA Tourney-style into brackets. The films will face-off, one per day, on the Daily Loaf with your votes determining which blockbuster is the greatest of them all.

You can find the complete list of films in the tournament and start voting for your favorites at or by going straight to Remember, vote early and often — and may the best Blockbuster win!