[VIDEO] Alison Mosshart of The Kills/Dead Weather on new Gang of Four single "England's in my Bones"

Gang of Four! Inimitable U.K. proto-post-punk! Legendary underground heroes from days of yore! They've got a new album, What Happens Next, out in a couple of weeks, and you can click through to see the video for single "England's in my Bones."

So what the hell does that have to do with Tampa Bay music?

Well, the single, along with another song on the album, features Alison Mosshart. And longtime regional music fanatics will know Mosshart not only as the gifted vocalist from The Kills (and a collaborator with Jack White's The Dead Weather), but also as the frontwoman for the late, lamented and entirely excellent '90s Vero Beach pop-punk act Discount. So there!

(source: Slicing Up Eyeballs)