The IV Poets, keeping spoken word alive in St. Pete (audio)

The IV Poets like to talk. They talk a lot: to each other, to themselves, to anyone willing to listen, and quite eloquently at that.

Brian Duncan, Dave Durney, Jason Bruzzichesi and Khomeni Hopkins look and sound like any ordinary group of 20-to-30something guys: two black, two white, dapper, idealistic, aware. All work at the St. Petersburg restaurant Savannah’s except Hopkins, who’s a school bus driver, and all are deeply committed to facilitating spoken word. In fact, they’re arguably the reason it still exists in St. Pete today.

It’s not that they brought it to town, or opened everyone’s eyes to a newfangled mode of expression, or anything grandiose like that; they just channeled their passion into a once-dying local art form and resurrected it with a fury.

Read more after the break, including audio of the IV Poets performing.