Green Drinks: Monthly networking events for fellow "greenies"

If you are part of the green community, then you will know that we are sometimes snickered at for our "radical" ideas of saving the world from global warming; someone recently told me, “Oh Cool! My mom is into all that stuff!” Unless you are at school or already working in a sustainable industry, it is really hard to meet like-minded "greenies". The exciting news is that networks of fellow eco-minded folks exist all over the world.

Green Drinks began in 1989 in a little bar in London, and has since spread rapidly through England, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, Russia, and The United States. Now, there is at least one meeting in every state. The members of Green Drinks meet once a month to network, discuss changes in the industry, and get word on new products and ideas – the best part is that the organizers find sponsors every month, and when you have a sponsor, your first drink is free!