Florida bans human sex with animals, and evolutionists

Considering that Florida is one of the few states where bestiality is still technically legal, it's a wonder the state hasn't become known for Tijuana style donkey shows, or explicit alligator wrestling demonstrations. In an effort to pass a bill that will offend no one, at least publicly, Gov. Rick Scott just signed the legislature's anti-bestiality bill. Senate Bill 344, which goes into effect October 1, makes it illegal for humans to have any manner of sexual contact with animals.

The bill makes special exemptions for people who make a living off of fondling animals: veterinarians, those who dabble in animal husbandry, and livestock judges. However the language of the bill may be particular troubling to those people who believe in evolution, as it effectively bans human sex with any animal; this would seem to include Homo Sapiens.