Alan Grayson says Occupy movement doesn't need advice from him

Last Saturday, Occupy Tampa hosted a regional general assembly to which members from other local Occupy groups were invited to share ideas moving forward.

The meeting was the first formal Occupy Tampa event at Lykes Gaslight Park since the group first began its activities there last fall. It coincided with some high-profile media re-examinations of the movement, which many contend has lost the momentum it gained when Occupy Wall Street took over Zuccotti Park in Manhattan last year.

On Tuesday night, during an appearance by once and possibly future Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, a member of Occupy Tampa, Bobby Ali, asked what would give the movement relevance as it tries to reemerge this summer.

Grayson was speaking at an event sponsored by the Rainbow/Push Coalition at the Marriott in St. Petersburg off of Roosevelt Boulevard.