Freshman fifteen: fact or fiction?

Each Fall an army of eighteen-year-old "adults" floods USF,expectingto finally set foot in the long prophesized "real world." They soon discover that college, and the real world, are whatever these freshmen make of them.  In constructing their identities, most are required to take a basic writing course. Creative Loafing has chosen four of those students to blog for the Daily Loaf.

We all know college is by far one of the most anticipated times in an individual's life. With it comes doubts, fears and worries but mostly the excitement of being out of the house. College is where we discover the true art of surviving on our own.

It's not the all-night cramming session, or the lingering drama over high school boyfriends that most haunt us; no, it's (God, how typical) the "freshman fifteen.” This, I believe, is most girls' (and possibly an increasing number of guys') biggest fear of college...