YouTube Artist to Watch: Tori Kelly

Sometimes, YouTube is better than the radio.

YouTube has become a cultural phenomenon over the years, especially in the music world. The most obvious case-in-point is Justin Bieber, whose career as a pop superstar was kick-started after his mother posted videos of him singing on YouTube. The video-sharing site offers seemingly limitless opportunities to hear artists you might never have heard of otherwise. You don't even need a record deal to have a fatty fanbase nowadays.

I'm constantly on YouTube seeking new artists because I feel like the talent you find on there is so much more diverse and interesting than what you hear on the radio. And you can usually find someone covering your favorite song, whatever that song may be on any given week. This is how I discovered 20-year-old Tori Kelly, who I came upon performing her own acoustic beat-boxed rendition of Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You" . I fell in love with her angelic voice and after hitting her YouTube page, I found more covers as well as some of her original songs. [Video and more after the jump]...