Feedback: Seminole Heights

You wrote it, we printed it.

What drove readers to their keyboards this week? The Seminole Heights issue, for one thing (they loved the Fairy Tale House, Cappy’s policy toward noisy kids not so much, and disputed a point in Linda Saul-Sena’s column). Also, reports on a gun control rally, the tiresome Terry Jones, the St. Petersburg in the World conference, and shopping for fabric. Two of our favorite comments: an observation about the area’s itinerant chefs by the reliably pithy pltctytc, and possibly the last word on Erica Dawson’s controversial Target column.

Re “No, Scooter Gabel doesn’t hate kids,” by Arielle Stevenson, April 4: “So happy he got more business by being a jerk. He got what he wanted — he’s a hero of the DINKS who buy more alcohol, this was always about changing his customer demo. Those of us with families will continue to take our business where our money is welcome — elsewhere. This is not about thinking it’s OK for kids to misbehave. Mine don’t, and if they did, I’d remove them from the restaurant. It’s about singling out ONE kind of misbehavior for a sign at the door, warning those of us with kids that we are on probation, under scrutiny and on notice …” —Ned

“It’s a shame Scooter had to create this rule because not enough parents practiced common sense and courtesy towards other diners.” —JoelWeiss

Re “Once upon a time,” by Julie Garisto, April 4: “When I first saw the picture for this article, without even reading the title, I instantly knew where this house was. I’ve been in love with it ever since I laid eyes on it 3 years ago, when my bf and I were driving around looking for a rental in Seminole Heights. We ended up renting a bungalow next the Broward Elementary, but I still love driving by and gazing at it. There truly is a soothing aura that surrounds this house.” —Amy K. Webb

“What a great story. I lived in one of the garage apartments on the property when Julie was there. It’s amazing to see how many people I know from elsewhere, that Julie mentions in the article, have connections to this great little place. It’s truly a Seminole Heights gem. We lost Bob way too early and it’s nice to see he has a memorial on the property.” —Tom Wheatley

Re “Meet me on the porch,” by Linda Saul-Sena, April 4: “Ms Saul-Sena this piece about Seminole Heights misrepresented the facts about the drug store chain in Seminole Heights. The neighborhood was not in opposition, there were a few opponents but the truth is there were many more in support… The truth is the neighborhood did not come out to speak in opposition; city staff pulled out all the stops to kill it… Ms Saul-Sena, you and City staff should own that corner at Sligh and Nebraska which has reverted to a beautiful car lot…” —Rick Fifer, past president of OSHNA, SSHCA, BGOSH, crime watch coordinator and 20 plus year resident of Seminole Heights

Re “High on Style: No Mood,” by Leslie Joy Ickowitz, April 4: “Oh I am so a fabricholic! I did not know about Queen’s. Thank you for the insight...and yes that butterfly fabric would make a great pair of palazzo pants. Enjoy your columns.” —Terry Foster

Re “Pastor Terry Jones to burn 2,998 Korans on 9/11 in Tampa?” posted by Mitch Perry, Daily Loaf, on April 8: “this annoying, self righteous bigot is still at it, trying to intimidate people with his big mouth. In a time when the United States is trying to make an effort to get along with other countries and values, Why is it so hard for this man to realize that in this country, we have a right to CHOICE?” —robbo06

Re “World View,” by Mitch Perry, March 14, on the St. Petersburg in the World conference: “Disappointing … conference filled with drum majors of hubris and empire seemingly unaware of Nemesis in the eves.” —Edward Helm

Re “Gun-control activists in Tampa say they’re not against the 2nd Amendment,” posted by Chrystal Tacker, Daily Loaf, April 6: “These people are lovely. They are both for and against each side of the argument so they can be right. Sound familiar? I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or more running for office soon. Understanding the Bill of Rights would be a good place for these people to start.” —FreedomIsWorthIt

Re “Datz chef moves to Cafe Dufrain,” posted by Arielle Stevenson, Daily Loaf, April 1: “chefs in tampa move faster than a bunch of sprayed roaches” —pltctytc

Re “Why I don’t wear red to Target,” by Erica Dawson, March 14: “aw look at everyone getting all upset and shedding white tears because they missed the damn point.” —MaryKM