Tonight's Top Chef Masters preview: Dollar menu madness


On tonight's episode of Top Chef Masters:

For the Quickfire the chefs must channel their former college selves and create a meal with budget of $1. If their ingredients came from Wal-Mart, I'd say it'd be an easier task, but knowing Bravo's hookup with Whole Foods I think they might have a harder time trying to stretch that dollar.

As for the Elimination challenge, the heat is on as the chefs must man the lunch rush at a Farmer Boys fast food joint (it's like McD's but with better quality food). They have to cook main and side dishes for 100 people that don't require utensils to eat, and each order must be completed in less than two minutes. I'm sure at least a few of the chefs will reveal that they've formerly worked as a fast food burger flipper when they started out in their cooking careers — and you know there will also be those who are completely lost in this type of kitchen environment.

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Preview video highlights: