Mitch Perry Report 5.15.12 - Turning the heat up on Jamie Dimon

This morning JPMorgan Chase holds their annual shareholder meeting in....beautiful Tampa.
Activists are trying to get as many folks together as possible for their 90-minute scheduled protest, coming just days after CEO Jamie Dimon admitted the bank suffered a $2 billion loss.

Check this site later in the day for our report on that protest.

When discussing who all will be in Tampa this summer for the Republican National Convention, the largest demographic won't be the delegates or the protesters, but reporters of all stripes - covering TV, radio, print or on the Internet. 15,000 is the number of reporters being tossed around by Republican officials as coming here this summer. Yesterday the committee responsible for putting the event on at the Tampa Bay Times Forum held a media-walk through to give all of those media organizations an idea of where they will be working from inside the hall in late August.

As we wrote about the other day, the up to now somnolent U.S. Senate race in Florida is starting to heat up a bit. The latest news is how ticked off Bill Nelson is about an ad the Chamber of Commerce is airing up and down the Sunshine State blasting him for his support of the Affordable Care Act, claiming that the legislation takes away $500 billion from Medicare, always a sensitive subject in Florida. Nelson says that's false, and wants the ad taken down.

And as lawmakers in Hillsborough County are finally getting around to trying to do something proactive about the homeless, one of the biggest private social service agencies in the Bay area, Metropolitan Ministries, held a ceremony yesterday regarding their planned expansion in Tampa Heights.