Mitch Perry Report 5.22.12 - Rob Turner's porn-swapping

The Tampa Bay Times Bill Varian reports this morning about Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Rob Turner's pornographic email relationship with a woman that he previously had a relationship with - an electronic connection not done with County resources.

Though a bit sensational, what's the harm? (Other than to Mrs. Turner?) Well, the woman in question was a longtime employee who worked for Turner at the appraiser's office to start with. That woman, Carolyn Filippone, filed a discrimination complaint against Turner with the EEOC after she said she was banished from County Center where Turner works. The EEOC dismissed her complaint.

So will this hurt Turner, expected to breeze to re-election this fall for a fifth four-year term? Well, this is Hillsborough County we're talking about, hardly a bastion of live and let live sentiment.....

One of the rising stars of the Democratic Party, Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker, is in all types of trouble after he went rogue Sunday on Meet The Press and trashed the Obama re-election team's main theme of their campaign against Mitt Romney. Although his comments seemed to reflect Booker looking out for himself, some now think he's severely hurt himself within the party going forward.

Though the NATO summit in Chicago is over, expect to hear more about the confrontations between police and some of the protesters in the weeks to come here in Tampa as it prepares for activists to descend here for the Republican Convention. An attorney for photographers who was in Tampa last month at an ACLU forum was in Chicago to greet a photographer arrested by Chicago police.

And there will be hundreds of moms protesting in Washington this morning, advocating for a stalled bill in the Senate that would revamp current regulations on toxic chemicals, which haven't changed in over 35 years.