Tonight's Top Chef Just Desserts preview: Dessert Wars!

Can you believe we're already halfway to the finale of Top Chef: Just Desserts? Just to recap, the remaining contestants are Heather "The Bitchy One" Hurlbert, Danielle "Putty Face" Keene, Yigit "Cutie Pie" Pura, Morgan "Don Draper" Wilson, Eric "Zen Baker" Wolitzky, and Zac "Glitter Pants" Young. The competition is fierce and their attitudes are even fiercer.

The Quickfire looks pretty interesting as it's a take on the usual Top Chef team relay race, but this one has a sweeter twist. Each team, consisting of three chef'testants, must mold 12 tart shells, pipe 8 "perfect" buttercream roses,  separate and whip egg whites to firm peaks and hold over their head for 10 seconds, and stretch strudel dough over an entire table and roll it into a strudel shape. I'm guessing that the winning team will win some sort of advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

Speaking of the Elimination, I am rather excited about tonight's. It's a twist on a challenge that I enjoy during the seasons of savory Top Chef — Dessert Wars! From the preview video below, it looks like each team will have to run a pastry shop, filling a display case with goodies for the public and judges to sample and rate. Will Team Go Diva lose their cool and end up at each other's throats? Will the other team end up on top due to Morgan's stellar pastry skills? Or will everyone get in a buttercream fight and all be disqualified? (I'm pulling for the last scenario.)

Check out the preview videos below.