UrbEx 4.0 Featured Music Sites: Aes, State and THX.

For this week’s forthcoming Urban Explorer’s Handbook, Creative Loafing maps out the best of the best of the Bay area’s Internet community. Here is one of our featured music sites; to see the rest, click here.

Aestheticized Presents, State Media, THX MGMT

Who runs them: Aestheticized is owned and operated by longtime indie scene promoter and stalwart Jack Spatafora, who books shows at Crowbar but also works with State Theatre, Czar and New World Brewery. State Media (aka No Clubs Productions) is managed by area show-promo veterans Tony Rifugiato and Dave Hundley; State Media promotes and stages shows at State Theatre, Orpheum, The Ritz Ybor and, less frequently, Jannus Landing. And the newest to the scene, Joe D'Acunto and THX MGMT, has been bringing some noteworthy, taste-of-the-moment acts to Tampa venues like Crowbar, New World Brewery and Orpheum.

Why you need them: These three are powerhouses when it comes to bringing the hottest up-and-coming Pitchfork.com-beloved indie and major label pop and rock acts to the Bay area's smaller (1,500 or less) venues. Anyone who considers themselves music followers should probably check their sites on a regular basis. As added bonuses, Aestheticized bills certain shows as "essential" and usually offers details as to why these shows should not be missed, while State Media hosts MP3s by all of its upcoming acts on its website.