Florida U.S. Senate nominees ultimate opinions on Kagan will be instructive

President Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan to replace John Paul Stevens on the U.S. Supreme Court is receiving good buzz amongst Democrats, and reserved commentary from Republicans.  Nothing exceptional there.  As more information surfaces on the current Solicitor General (the attorney who represents the U.S. government in court at the Supreme Court), opinions amongst Republican Senators will emerge, but no doubt many will find a reason to oppose her.

(There is also considerable discussion in liberal quarters today about how progressive she actually is.  Glenn Greenwald at Salon doesn't believe she's progressive at all, while Salon's James Doty believes that's a bit overstated).

Florida's GOP Senator George LeMieux response was pretty bland in his reaction, but that's probably the way to go in the first moments after learning of a nominee being named.  He said today

"I look forward to meeting with the President's nominee, engaging in a thorough evaluation of Solicitor General Kagan's record as an academic and lawyer for the government, and examining her responses before the Judiciary Committee.

"In making my decision whether to support confirming this nominee to a lifetime position on the United States Supreme Court, I will look for a demonstrated commitment to the unbiased application of the law and an unwavering fidelity to the Constitution."