Smorgasbord IKEA: IKEA Grocery Store Shopping List

(This is the third installment of our week-long Smorgasbord IKEA series.)

After a week eating out of IKEA's grocery store, I was impressed by the amount of food I tried that I'd actually make a trip to buy again, whether or not I'm picking up an area rug or cartload of picture frames.

Here are my picks for must-haves, must-nots and must-experience for yourself:

The Good

Frozen desserts: Across the board, these Swedish versions of Mrs. Smith's were tasty enough to justify the purchase, although perhaps not enough to make Ikea a weekly stop. Standouts were Tarta Mork Choklad — a dark chocolate-covered thin cake with hints of espresso, reminiscent of tiramisu — and balls of fluff and chocolate that are essentially gigantic mallomars the size of your fist.