Afternoon Roundup

The PoHo is on vacation all this week, leaving us depressed and counting the hours until we can escape another dreary Monday. You too, huh? Let's kill some time together with today's Afternoon Roundup:

Debating Dems pound each other over the war in Iraq.

Congressman William Jefferson finally gets his Louisiana indictment.

The Billy Donovan drama drags on, as the Magic look at an ex Miami Heat coach and consider whether or not to seek damages from their waffling ex-future head coach.

Dr. Death speaks.

And speaking of death: the military is hard at work on an underwater gun. Al-Qaida has reportedly put the plans for their Deep Sea Alpha Terrorist Training Camp on hold.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Techies and Early Adopters rejoice! The Apple iPhone drops on June 29.

After getting a verbal smackdown from Sarah Silverman at the MTV Movie Awards, Paris Hilton was so eager to escape the public eye that she reported to jail two days early.