Glenn Beck & Bill O'Reilly appearing in Tampa together in January

Yesterday we put up a post informing you, the discriminating CL reader, that that if you've got a couple of hours to spare this Saturday, you can check out talk show host/author/ Glenn Beck at Borders on South Dale Mabry near I-275 from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

However, you're reading it here first: The self proclaimed "rodeo clown" will be back in his former stomping grounds early next year, and will be appearing with none other than Bill O'Reilly.

The Fox twins will be at the Sun Dome on the USF Tampa campus on Friday, January 29th.  It's part of their Bold and Fresh 2010 Tour

As a regular viewer of at least the first portion of The Factor over the years,  CL has observed a noticeable calm in the demeanor of cable news's current king (ratings wise I'm talking about).  O'Reilly admitted as much last night.

In discussing media sensation Sarah Palin and her new book with media critic Bernard Goldberg, Bill-O admitted that he no longer gets that enraged about critics taking him apart.  He said it's something that he's learned to control.  I think there's something to that.  O'Reilly has always carried a tremendous chip on his shoulder, but he's incredibly successful, and frankly, with Glenn Beck now  airing before him on Fox, and Sean Hannity following him, he's become, well, a more moderate voice - maybe because it was simply too embarrassing  seeing him in action in filmmaker Robert Greenwald film "Outfoxed" (which memorably showed one sequence where Bill-O is yelling at guests to just "Shut up!")

Or how could we forget O'Reilly getting into it on one his bugaboo's:  Illegal immigration.

Here's the Fox News host with correspondent Geraldo Rivera:

Glenn Beck is blowing up in 2009.  The former talk show host on Tampa Clear Channel station 970 WFLA was growing in popularity in recent years, but his television persona has blossomed after joining Fox News.  Get your tickets now!