Mark Feldstein on his new book Poisoning the Press

Poisoning the Press book cover

Former Tampa investigative reporter Mark Feldstein, now a University of Maryland professor, was back in town last week to discuss his book Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson, and the Rise of Washington's Scandal Culture at Inkwood Books. He met with me to talk about the book and its focus: journalist Jack Anderson, whose investigations of Nixon almost led to his own demise and whose muckraking tactics were a precursor of the "scandal culture" we see today.

From the interview:

"Anderson stalked Nixon like Ahab stalked the Great White Whale ... Anderson, far more than Woodward and Bernstein, haunted Nixon."

"Nixon's men met on March 24th, 1972 at a hotel called The Hay-Adams, across from the White House, and they came up with a CIA poison expert schemes to assassinate Jack Anderson. They conspired to murder a journalist."

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