A Q&A with John Falls of Egypt Central

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Egypt Central


For anyone unfamiliar with the band, Egypt Central might seem like just another new face on the rock music scene. While their latest release, White Rabbit, is getting a lot of attention and generating lots of industry and fan buzz, Egypt Central has spent the better part of the last decade scraping and fighting for every ounce of success they've earned. This journey has left its mark on the band and their music, and seems to have forged a tight connection between Egypt Central and their fans.

I caught up with Egypt Central lead vocalist John Falls by phone before a show in Jackson, Mississippi.

White Rabbit (due out May 31, 2001) is a very mature and well-crafted collection of songs, and is miles ahead of your debut.

Obviously, we all grew up during that time. Those on (Egypt Central) were the first batch of songs we wrote as a group. We’d only been together eight months when that happened, so we were still trying to figure out the songwriting process. You know; who was doing what and how it was going to come together. On this one you really see Joey come to the forefront and you see the band’s songwriting ability truly shine. It allows us to really hone in on our sound.