Tonight's Top Chef: Just Desserts and D.C. reunion previews

This week on Top Chef: Just Desserts, we see that Morgan and Dexter (Seth) have bonded because they have "a lot in common" and also because both are "heterosexual males" (*cough*yeah right*cough*). I also think the fact they they could both pass as charming, seemingly "normal" serial killers ( a la Patrick Bateman or Ted Bundy) is another trait they have in common.

We also learn that Dexter's mom is in rehab — I'm not sure what for, but I'm sure it doesn't have to do with drugs or booze — which already has him in an emotional state. Yes, I feel for him, but pulling the mom card out this early in the season just might be foreshadowing. Isn't that what has often happened in past seasons: a chef'testant has poured out their sob story at the beginning of an episode then ends up getting sent home by the end of it?

Dexter loses it and breaks down in front of everyone during the Quickfire when his sorbet doesn't freeze properly. I sure don't want to see what he's like if someone ever runs over his dog.

I'm sure Sassy McGlitterPants (Zac) will have some humorous/cutting quips along the way in this episode to lighten the mood and that he'll use the word "bitch" at least once — also something we'll be able to count on for the rest of his time on the show, I'm sure.

Also on tonight is the Top Chef: D.C. reunion special at 9 p.m. (EST). It will give us one last time to reminisce about the pea puree scandal, Ed's love for Tiffany and the season that we'd all love to forget.

Check out the preview videos for both shows below.

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