Creative Loving: The Valentine's Issue

Dancers, actors, designers, musicians and a much-beloved guitar: Local artists and readers tell us how they fell in love.

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Chip Weiner

Who better to talk about the art of love than artists? OK, maybe that’s not a generalization that’ll hold up in the wider world (c.f. Brangelina), but in Tampa Bay we know of any number of talented art-makers who have also done a pretty good job crafting solid, enduring relationships. Here are a few of those love stories, just in time for V-Day.

But romantic frissons are not confined to professional romantics, of course. That’s why we invited CL readers to tell us their own love stories. Check out the top 10, as chosen by CL’s hard-bitten, soft-hearted staff, and vote on your favorite until noon on Valentine's Day — the most popular will win a sweet package of cool stuff perfect for a couple to experience. —David Warner


Erin Cardinal & Brian Fidalgo II

Kristin Northup & Khris Johnson

Ned & Jo Averill-Snell

Jessie & Pavel Stehlik

Shawn Kyle, Brendon Hock & an Epiphone

Gary & Stacey Strickland


Elise & Dené

Dana & Stavros

Debbie & Bill

Katie & Kjel

Lorrie & Dan

Rachel & Billy

Sean & Olivia

Tami & Coady

Teresa & Val

Tyler & Mary