Mitch Perry Report 8.31.11

Although some pundits might think it's sad that less than 3,000 people participated in last night's St. Pete City Council District one primary election, don't count us among that group. Not when the whole exercise will be repeated again in a couple of months, with the sole purpose of last night being to whittle the candidates from three down to two. Having said that, congratulations to Charlie Gerdes for getting a majority of that vote.

Some GOP members sound pretty intent on making sure that federal money from somewhere, anywhere is cut, to pay for the destruction that Hurricane Irene wrought over the weekend. On that same front, Tampa area Democrat Kathy Castor is calling out the GOP for trying to cut by 40 percent what they call "hurricane hunters" which can give us more accurate predictions of upcoming storms.

Rick Perry continue to kick ass in the polls...

And with homelessness such a huge issue (and problem) in the Tampa Bay area, we'll be curious to see what, if anything, is made out of the death of a man at the Safe Harbor facility in Pinellas County yesterday.