To commission: Stop water boarding responsible customers and dry out the water hogs

I thought the fuel injectors on my Jetta Diesel were pricey, until I saw what the Tampa Water Department recently charged the Yankees for a new water meter at George Steinbrenner Field - $42,000. According to the department , the fee is based on the amount of water that passes at peak demand. Water guzzlers are more expensive. Sounds fair to me, given we are supposed to be conserving water.

The Yankees didn't like the fee so they asked the department to waive the charge. Shoot - why didn't I think of that when I recently had my fuel injectors serviced at a dealer?  "Hey these injectors are a rip off. Can you just waive the installation?" Right. I guess that's why George Steinbrenner is the multi-billionaire, and I write for blogs.

 This week my faith in a universe that might contain a microscopic shred of justice was restored, for a brief, exquisite moment, when the water department turned down the Yankee's request.  They pay full boat, like everyone else.