Sh*t happened 3/6/15: Shorts

Let's keep it short and sweet on this beautiful Friday, shall we? No, don't speak; it's better this way, really.

A Clearwater man was arrested for running a prostitution ring out of his home. "Pimp My House," indeed.

Blurby boobily something something yadda Rays baseball.

Riverside downtown Tampa building Rivergate Tower, also known as "the beer can building" (also known as "the phallic building with the square testicle buildings") is up for sale. Up your metaphorical junk game in an expensive instant.

And finally, the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus announced that it will be phasing elephants out of its shows, and by 2018 won't be featuring them at all. Better late than never, I guess. "We're not reacting to our critics," said circus owner Kenneth Feld, who is absolutely full of shit.

(Image via Wikimedia Commons.)