Record Store Day is on its way!

On April 17, an exceptional slew of records will appear in independent record stores nationwide for the third annual national Record Store Day, an organized event that acts as a Christmas/birthday extravaganza for lovers of that antiquated technology referred to as vinyl. This year, even more hand-numbered, limited edition, and special colored re-issues are planned. Let’s spotlight a few of the unique items available this year.

The Flaming Lips play Dark Side of the Moon

Last year, The Flaming Lips performed Pink Floyd’s seminal Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety on New Year's Eve in Oklahoma, and the vast majority of the world was unable to be among those lucky so-n-so's who trekked across the country to witness what must have been an extraordinary show. And yes, for the past few months, these tracks have been offered on I-Tunes, but hearing them via your I-Pod dock is unacceptable, even for the casual Lips fan. In this case, vinyl is a must.