CL Recipe Contest: Win prizes, fame and glory

Everyone eats, and most people have become adept at searching out a perfect recipe to try for that special romantic meal or family feast. Here at CL we've provided tasty and accessible recipes online and in the paper for well over a year now, from our own talented home cook columnists and a few local chefs. You can peruse the hundreds of appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks we've gathered at the CL Cookbook.

But now it's your turn.

Whether you're an inexperienced bachelor who combines cans and leftovers into a tasty but inelegant mass or a grandmother who spends Sundays in the kitchen concocting a traditional family meal, you know how to whip up a good meal. For our upcoming June Food Issue, we'd like to feature your secret recipes. And we'll reward you for your work.

The winner of our CL Recipe Contest will be featured in our Food Issue, plastered across the CL website, be invited to become a regular recipe columnist, and take home a heaping handful of gift certificates to local restaurants (you don't want to be tied to the stove). Recipes that place second and third will get the same deal, albeit with fewer gift certificates.

You have until Monday, May 31 to test your creations and submit a finished recipe. (And yes, we will be cruising the internet to make sure you didn't copy it from Rachel Ray.) CL will assemble a cadre of local professional chefs and home cooks to pick their favorites and crown a winner.

Think your food has what it takes? Submit your recipe now after the break: