Can you use 'numbnuts' in a sentence, please?

Check out this video of a slight miscommunication at the Spelling Bee 2008.

The funny thing is, this kid acts like he's never heard the word "numbnuts" before; which is kind of funny because he's in a spelling bee so he's got to have been called a "numbnuts" at least once in his lifetime.

If spelling bees were like this when I was a kid maybe I would have actually won one:

"Your word is goatfucker."

"As in: yo mama is a goatfucker?"


"Can I have the origin of the word?"

"It is colloquial rural Olde English."

"OK. Goatfucker. G-o-a-t-f-u-c-k-e-r. Goatfucker."

"Well done."

My dad would have been so proud.