A Q&A with Johnathan Coody of Ninja Gun, which supports Against Me! on Saturday

For the better part of a decade, the four men of Ninja Gun have been taking their unique mix of punk ethos, bar-rock twang and thoughtful lyrical themes to the basements, clubs and indie record stores of America's D.I.Y. touring circuit. In the year-and-a-half since the release of their most recent album, Restless Rubes, the group's profile has risen steadily, and they're currently taking to the biggest stages yet supporting Gainesville's beloved Against Me!. Ninja Gun singer and guitarist Johnathan Coody recently spoke to Creative Loafing from somewhere on I-95 the morning after a packed show at Jacksonville's infamous Freebird Live.

CL: So, how stoked are you to be on the Against Me! tour?

JC: We’re really excited, man. It’s just a really nice thing for them to do, to take us out, because it’s not like we have a huge draw or anything, you know? We have some fans, it’s nice now that things are starting to come together to a certain degree, but yeah, we’re really stoked, they’re fun to hang out with and they’re a great band, we get to watch ‘em every night, along with [Avail frontman] Tim Barry, too.

Will it be the full lineup this time around, or the trio?

Yeah, it’s all four of us. We have one of our best friends, Taylor Patterson, along, he’s roadie-slash-merch-slash-lights.

Are you still touring in the church van?

Yeah, we’re still in the church van. It’s served its purpose thus far, pretty good camouflage. It’s getting us down the road. We just had to do $1200 worth of brake work, but other than that she’s in good shape.

Things really seem to be happening for you guys since Restless Rubes came out. Do you think that being affiliated with a somewhat higher profile label like Suburban Home has helped, or is it just more of a natural progression, the time you put in before this record paying off?