Tegan and Sara, Buffett, The Doors (sorta)

Here's what I have running in the current issue:

Tegan and Sara: Tegan Quin likes to talk.

Jack Spatafora: "Wanting to Share the Music."

Jimmy Buffett: Getting drunk with the Parrotheads.

Queen Latifah (courtesy of Eric Snider), Jersey and The Doors Tribute.

Sara Evans, Palantine, Spoon and more in Music Week.

Neil Young's Dreams and Umphrey's McGee live (CD reviews).

Lexi Pierson has a rock 'n' roll heart. (CD review).

Edgar Winter, seared flesh, at Ribfest. Mmm.

Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin on display.

Mick Jagger's skinny ass and "Cocksucker Blues."

This evening I'll be at Skipper's Smokehouse for Set the Night on Fire: WMNF's Tribute to the Doors (see above link). My review will be posted here Sunday, or Monday, depending on when (and where) I decide to do this weekend's Bar Tab.

And I just put a post up on Blurbex about the death of Norman Mailer.