Yummy House prepares to open a new location in Tampa

A seemingly modest restaurant in Carrollwood is having to expand by popular demand. Yummy House is described as “an instant hit” by tampabay.com, and Creative Loafing’s own Brian Ries raved about it in 2007, describing it as a “juggernaut” of Hong Kong cuisine. Yummy House’s owner , John Zhao, finally had to admit, “I have no choice, I have to expand,” because there are “so many people waiting in line every day.”

With hype like that, I had to see for myself what all the buzz was about. From the outside, the reputation is rather surprising, as it is an establishment that might be easily driven past. In fact, on my way to dine and discover Yummy House, I did actually pass it and had to turn around. I was glad I did, because my experience at Yummy House was well worth the double take.

Too many Chinese restaurants today claim to be authentic, where Yummy House actually lives up to the title. Walking in to the restaurant, the decor is simple. One of the more interesting things immediately in view are the whole fried ducks for sale behind the back counter. The menu, however,  is anything but simple and understated. There was plenty of variety, dishes ranging from seafood, to chicken, to vegetable tofu entrees. Other menu items that stood out were the Bitter Melon Frog, Peiking Duck, Wasabi Shrimp and Roast Duck and Dried Grape Fried Rice. The pricing was surprisingly reasonable, ranging between $9 and $11 per entree.