"Hating Breitbart" a celebration of a controversial conservative's life

Love him or loathe him, no one can deny that during his short time on the national scene, Andrew Breitbart was a force of nature. The conservative blogger/commentator/reporter/raconteur died of heart failure in March of 2012 at the age of 43 (though, naturally, some of his most intense enthusiasts say he was assassinated by liberals).

Though his legacy is still alive through his various websites — Breitbart.com, Big Government and Big Hollywood — it's bound to get another round of resurgence with this weekend's theatrical release of the documentary Hating Breitbart, which will show in 15 theaters across the country, including the Veterans 24 in Tampa.

In the documentary, Breitbart acknowledges that there are two sides to his persona: jocularity and righteous indignation, and credit must be given to director Andrew Marcus for showing both sides in the picture. However, it was Breitbart's fulsome anger/indignation toward the "liberal" mainstream media that defined him to his fans and foes, and probably could be his epitaph.