Mitch Perry Report 8.9.11

Good morning everyone.

In the news today, we don't have anything profound to say about the fear and panic spreading on Wall Street - just a couple of humble reports on policy stuff happening in Florida.

Leading off today is a report on what happened yesterday in Tallahassee as a special task force set up to study what exactly is happening in Assisted Living Facilities in the Sunshine State took place, with Hillsborough County's Ronda Storms leading the way.

The Florida Legislature patted itself on the bank collectively a few months ago as they ended the session with a series of votes that pissed off Democrats - one being a plan to send all Medicaid patients in the state over to HMO's. Now a prominent medical group is urging the federal government to reject the state's proposal.

And it Sort of Gets Better (if you're a Rays fan?) . Last night a very intimate 10,000 or so showed up on a Monday night against Kansas City to watch the Rays win a close one. Now comes word that the St. Pete based ballclub will record one of those "It Gets Better" videos that have become all the rage in fighting homophobia and in particular anti-gay bullying.