Uninspiring swinger sex: it can happen to you

"Well that was uninspiring"—-This statement has swirled around my head quite frequently after various swinger hookups.  A new sexual encounter, another swinger date, and yet one more lack luster sexual experience.  I won't say that all experiences are uninspiring, but more often than not I'm unimpressed by the sexual prowess of my most recent fling.

Swinger sex started out so exciting.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning, eagerly anticipating my next gift.  I felt jitters deep down with just the thought of exploring someone new.  The fucking was simply amazing, or so I thought.  At the start of our swinger lives, Soccer Dad and I went out often.  We could be found meeting couples for dinner and drinks only to later stumble to the nearest hotel, barely able to keep our hands off our new acquaintances.  Finally we would end up screwing like there was no tomorrow.  Nothing could stop our sexual momentum.

I suppose over the years I have become too particular about my likes and dislikes.  I make no bones about what I want in bed:  pull my