Marco Rubio now says President Obama will have "no choice" but to suspend ObamaCare

The GOP-led House of Representatives obviously still believes it's in their political interests to oppose President Obama's health care reform plan, even though it's now less than six months away from fully being implemented. With their eyes on the 2014 midterms and "Obamacare" still struggling in the polls, the House Republicans don't care that they're being mocked by media types for voting last month - for the 37th time - to repeal Obama's signature domestic achievement.

Though we don't hear too often what specifically the Republicans would do to provide healthcare to the millions currently uninsured, it's still good politics with the hard core conservative base, which is why it shouldn't be surprising in a way that Marco Rubio said with a straight face this morning on Fox News that he can envision Obama suspending the plan, in an interview with the cable networks' Bill Hammer.