Pei Wei introduces new way to make dinner more like candy: Caramel Chicken

By this point, it's an open secret that chain restaurants use fat and sugar to tease you into liking their food — against your tastebuds' wishes — and create an almost addictive response to their Big Mac or Bang-Bang Shrimp. Most fast food or fast casual restaurants manage to inject a heapload of those two fundamental building blocks into every dish on the menu without necessarily advertising that fact.

Obviously, Pei Wei Asian Diner no longer feels the need to be surreptitious about it.

Introducing Pei Wei's new Caramel Chicken! "Newest Exotic Entrée Created to Strike Balance Between Sweet and Spicy" claims the press release, which essentially means that they've ramped up the sweet and added a tiny, lowest-common denominator amount of spice to trick you into thinking there is some sort of culinary balance going on. It's like sprinkling a dash of cayenne on a Snickers.

Full press release after the break: