NIMBY Week in Review: From Mr. Mom to Mayor, from family values to wrapped in rainbows, from raw sewage to your sink. Good Luck Tampa!

Did this shop owner not see Buckhorn pushing family values Ronda Storms style at every opportunity or was Buckhorn just on the down-low with gay voters? What would Terry Kemple say?

What a week to get back to doing a week in review post.

1. Tampa elects former lobbyist turned evidently stay at home Mom Dad for Mayor. Good luck with that.

2. Fellow CL contributor George Niemann and I got to see firsthand in part just how Buckhorn got elected as so called supporters were really just paid day labor. Lesson learned.............never underestimate a housewife husband with a political science degree. Wonder what kind of values paying "supporters" to work the polls for you falls under? How naive George and I were to think they were out there like we were because they believed in their candidate.

3. Tampa's sewage pipes break and contaminate the river which also doubles as a reservoir for Tampa's water supply. Call Mr. Mom and see if he has a plan to fix that.

4. President (and Nobel Peace Prize winner) Obama gets hammered for getting the US into another war conflict. Better hide that Peace Prize someplace maybe with his birth certificate?

5. Rod Stewart came to town so all was not lost this week and as a bonus all they were selling at the bar nearest my seat in the Forum were doubles.

6. Hart CEO David Armijo got suspended. If I recall correctly I am still waiting for a public records request to be filled from well over a year ago from this guy so I don't really care why they suspended him it just made me smile. Sometimes it is the little things.

7. Speaking of HART they must be pretty hard up to put anti-bus advertisements on the actual buses...........I saw this one while driving sitting on the crosstown this week and had to look twice.

8. Florida lawmakers are trying to make it illegal to have sex with animals (does it scare anybody else that they actually need to spell this out for some people?) Course it might explain Jim Norman's proposed bill to outlaw the photography of farm animals because who knows which officials in Tallahassee might have a heifer on the side they don't want to be seen in a photo with.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       9. Trudi Williams -R, Ft. Myers wants to cut funding for Egmont Key. Hey Ms. Williams, how about making yourself useful and sticking to legislation about hmmmm let's see............... farm animals? Kind of scary that one of her past newsletters I found online had her listed in 2008 as the Chair of Environmental Protection and on the Environment and Natural Resources council. According to her campaign website Ms. Williams won the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Associations Legislator of the Year award. This assault on Egmont Key makes me wonder if she is a fruit or just a vegetable? This week I think Tampa voters and Florida lawmakers are all on the produce aisle.