Lust List 2014: Megan Oley

Bartender at The Mandarin Hide, stylist at Hair On Central, 30.

click to enlarge “You live and you learn, and I have definitely learned.” - Todd Bates
Todd Bates
“You live and you learn, and I have definitely learned.”

Is consistently tipping big the only way to effectively hit on an attractive bartender?
No, but it’s appreciated. I don’t think there is a way to effectively hit on a bartender. I definitely put up a wall.

Why do so many people have crushes on bartenders? Does serving alcohol boost your sex appeal in the eyes of inebriated patrons or does the profession just appeal to attractive people?
That’s a tough one. Most bartenders definitely go into work all dolled up, but the alcohol helps.

What’s your pettiest pet peeve when it comes to a potential love interest? Ugly feet? Chest hair?
Ugly feet. Bad teeth. A little chest hair is cute, but a lot is too much. I like a polished man, but then I also like long hair too, so I don’t know.

One of your specialties is cutting men’s hair. What type of men’s haircut is a turnoff? What styles do you like?
Mullets are definitely a turnoff. I like modern hairstyles. I like to cut mohawks.

Is the quickest way to your heart for a guy to buy you a Vespa scooter?
By the time a guy buys me a Vespa, he’s usually already in my heart.

What do you wish more men would understand about approaching women?
I just like a really nice, genuine guy. No pickup lines. Just be yourself.

How do you feel about tattoos?
I love them, though I don’t have any. I’m attracted to all different types.

What traits do all of your exes have in common?
This is cliché, but a sense of humor. They are all fun and active.

If your exes didn’t know they had all dated you, would they all get along?
Probably not. They are all so different. I don’t have a type.

Does a guy have a better chance hitting on you while you are working at the bar or salon?
Definitely at the salon.

What dating advice have you given your two younger sisters?
Don’t open up. Stay guarded until you know it’s safe.

What mistakes in love have you made?
I don’t know that I have made any mistakes. I don’t know what I would change. You live and you learn, and I have definitely learned. I guess I am a little guarded now.

Where do you go to meet quality men?
Anywhere really. My dad always said, “If you want to meet a nice guy, go to church.” I’m like, “Dad, I’m not going to meet a guy at church.” He’s so old school.

When you were growing up in Pennsylvania, did you date any Amish guys?
No, I never dated any Yoders. I partied with a few when they were on rumspringa. My cousin dated an Amish guy, but he decided to leave the church. He decided to have electricity.

What’s your best tip for women when it comes to attracting men?
Be real. I hate fake people, like the type of women who go out just searching for attention. You can smell fakeness.

How do you deal with Facebook friend requests from bar patrons or salon clients?
I just deny them. I don’t care. Most don’t bring it up. I think one guy asked why I didn’t accept his friend request. I just said I keep my personal and work life separate.

How do you deflect the advances of regulars without hurting your business?
I just don’t lead them on. You have to be honest, though in a really nice way. I’ll say I’m in a relationship or whatever. I also put off an energy where most guys know not to mess with me.

Describe an ideal date you had in the past, or one you want to have.
We were on a boat with wine and cheese watching the sunset. It was beautiful and amazing. That was right after I got my diploma from Aveda.

So you didn’t kill any fish that day on the boat?
Not that day, but I’ve killed a lot of fish.

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