OceanSolution: Ocean-harvested alternative fertilizer

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OceanSolution, located in Clearwater, is a company that harvests ocean water for their alternative fertilizer. It can be used on everything from agriculture to professional landscaping and turf. Recently, we asked Travis Queseda of OceanSolution a few questions about their product.

Q. What does OceanSolution provide for optimum plant growth that common fertilizers do not, and cannot?

A. If you are interested in organic only, Ocean Grown Solution products will provide all the necessary support for optimum plant growth and nutrition. OceanSolution (OS) is a foliar nutrient program that provides plants of all types the ability to maximize their genetic potential beyond that which is available through traditional fertilizer programs of today. OS is a mineral-based fertilizer solution built on a foundation of concentrated ocean water extracts that provides a complete and naturally balanced mix of all 90 natural elements.