Hillsborough homeless count on; Mike Fasano asks Rick Scott what is he doing? and a look at the Hillsborough judge at the center of a riveting case:Mitch Perry Report 1.27.11

The Tampa Tribune is just the latest editorial board to rip into Governor Rick Scott for his withdrawing Charlie Crist's request that the Justice Department review Amendments 5 &6, the initiatives approved overwhelmingly by Florida voters last November that are meant to make the re-districting of Congressional and Legislative districts fairer.   Scott was also chastised by fellow Republican Mike Fasano yesterday for doing so as well.  Maybe some new leaders might admit to a mistake and correct it to move on.  Not this Governor.

Beginning at 4 a.m. today volunteers are counting the homeless in Hillsborough County, as this is the day in which the Homeless Coalition of Hillsborough County attempts to get a specific number on all of the homeless in the county.  Several local officials, or those aspiring to be, are participating.

Remember a few years ago when it was all the rage to determine who should take over the Armory building in West Tampa?  After a lot of hue and cry, nobody is ready to inhabit its environs, even though the military is ready to withdraw.  Tampa mayoral candidate Ed Turanchik has a suggestion.

One of the most covered court trials in Hillsborough County in recent vintage involved Luis Munuzuri-Harris also known as the Bayshore rapist, who was found guilty last week of raping a woman after he impersonated a police officer.  Last Friday CL contributor Elizabeth Graham sat down with the judge to learn more about what his life is like away from the bench.


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