Eat, drink and be scary: Halloween brew reviews

Halloween is the time of year where many adorn horrific, funny or sexy personas and party the night away. The heat is gone, the weather is cooling and many people are gearing up for the holidays. A lot of different spices, smells and tastes come around at this of time of year, which is a change from light and zesty flavors of the hot summer months. When I think of the beers brewed for Halloween, the line "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble" from Macbeth comes to mind. I have put together a list of spooky brews to help you get you in the mood for this unearthly holiday.

Wychwood Scarecrow Golden Ale - ABV 4.7%

This classic British Style Golden Ale (or Pale Ale) is made year round, but is a nice transition for the new craft beer drinker. The color is a radiant golden hue with a very thick head and little to no lacing. This brew promises to be a classic British style ale which should have a nice balance of  malted barley and hops. Unfortunately, it is a very thin, golden ale and one is found wanting more flavor, body and fuller aftertaste. This brew is great for the novice craft beer drinker who is used to light American adjunct brews.

Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin - ABV 8.0%

This "Pumpkin King" Imperial Ale sets the new standard for what a pumpkin ale should be. Most brews in this style are overly spicy, too pumpkiny,  and full of extract which sometimes makes it hard to get through a whole pint. The brewers at Weyerbacher, however, figured out the correct spice to pumpkin ratio with just a touch of booziness to make this one of the most delicious brews around. This beer is perfect to drink during a cool fall night with a small slice of pie.