Routes Music, New Orleans: Delicious Gloom, girls gone wild on guitar and drums in the French Quarter (video)

Routes Music is a documentary film acting as a roving music census, taking in the true musical passions (and disgusts) of the American people. We’re traveling all across the country, stopping along the way to interview local bands, take footage of live performances and chat with anyone and everyone. Learn more about the documentary here; check out all previous entries here.

As with anything in life – including music documentaries – the unexpected moments are usually the best. Our time in New Orleans was no different.

On Friday, we came across two girls – Anastasia Euthanasia and Joy Deemster – performing on the street in the French Quarter (in front of a police station no less!). Going by the name Delicious Gloom, the girls played a highly infectious song for us. After days of Los Mega Boyz' “Selena” looping in our heads, it was welcome relief.

Check ‘em out: