Gun found in Ybor movie theater bathroom belongs to a Hillsborough County deputy

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) reported this afternoon that the man who left his gun in the Ybor Muvico theater restroom on Sunday afternoon is one of their own.

That would be 38-year-old Luke Hussey, a 13-year veteran of the force.

Shortly after 9-year-old Zane Noland had settled into his seat with his brother and dad to check out the new Superman flick Man of Steel on Father's Day, he and his pop went to the restroom. Zane opened up a stall where on top of a toilet paper dispenser sat a loaded Glock 26.

He then told his father Wesley, a Marine veteran, who took the gun into another restroom and disarmed it.

The Sheriff's Department reported that Hussey was enjoying a movie (not listed in their press release) when about 90 minutes into the flick he had an "Oh, shit" moment, realizing that the gun he took with him inside the theater was no longer on him.

Hussey then spoke to the Muvico manager, who told him that Tampa Police had been called in and had recovered the weapon.

Larry McKinnon with the Sheriff's Department said in a press release, "HCSO takes this matter very seriously and has already began an administrative investigation to determine any policy violations that may have occurred."